About Us

The Staff
Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki
Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki is the executive director for Community Fruit Rescue. She hails from the East Coast where she first dipped her feet into food justice and sustainable food systems in her undergraduate studies. She has worked on apple orchards in New Hampshire, mango orchards in Australia and avocado orchards in Costa Rica. She moved to Boulder where she completed her Masters in Environmental Leadership and started working with Community Fruit Rescue. When she is not organizing harvests she offers Nature-Connected life coaching and guides transformational wilderness trips. Hannah loves spending time in nature and hanging out with her dog.
The Board of Directors

 Blair Norman
Blair Norman has lived in Boulder for 11 years, hailing originally from Atlanta. She has had a plot at the Community Gardens for 10 years and this is her 4th year as a garden leader. Blair enjoys preserving fruit in the fall and when she saw the abundance of apples in Boulder in 2014 she was thrilled to find Community Fruit Rescue and join the steering committee, where she now represents the Boulder Bear Coalition. Blair wants to help find ways to preserve the fruit for a more stable shelf life so it can continue to benefit our community after the fresh fruit is gone. She works as the admin/customer service/order packer for a startup in Boulder and enjoys camping, skiing, hiking and biking with her family.

Micah Parkin
Micah Parkin co-founded Community Fruit Rescue in 2014 and serves on the Steering Committee and as the fiscal sponsor. In addition, she is a founder and Executive Director of 350 Colorado. She has 20+ years of experience as a climate and clean energy advocate, community leader and organizer, and nonprofit director. Micah serves on the City of Boulder's Clean Energy Technical Team, as well as the RenewablesYES and Empower Our Future teams. She serves on the steering committee for the Coloradans Against Fracking coalition and the board of Colorado Rising as well as on "The Shed" – Making Local Food Work coalition. She created the Boulder Edible Landscapes Coalition to promote local food growing and access for all community members. Micah is the mother of two daughters who fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement, create resilient communities and transition to a sustainable future.
Jonathan Sekerak
Jonathan Sekerak Jonathan is a brand and culinary innovation strategist at SRG, where he focuses on creating regenerative, for-profit business models. Prior to this he was the founder of a Boulder-based startup called UglyFruit, a social cause company seeking to combat food waste by converting seconds into shelf stable fruit snacks. Jonathan's passion lies at the intersection of human and planetary health, and he seeks to promote regenerative agriculture as the key to solving the challenges we face on both of these fronts. When he’s not skiing, hiking or otherwise adventuring in the mountains, you can usually find him cooking Thai food, seeking out live music, or planning his next SCUBA trip.
Melanie Hill
Melanie Hill Melanie Hill is the Director of Communications & Outreach at the WILD Foundation, a Boulder-based nonprofit that works internationally to build strong communities that respect and protect nature for the benefit of all life on Earth. She received her Master of Arts in Media & Public Engagement from CU Boulder, with a focus on black bear coexistence in Boulder. Melanie was first introduced to Community Fruit Rescue while completing her MA thesis - now the ongoing Bears & People Project - and quickly became hooked after spending a season as a harvest leader. In her free time, you can find Melanie outdoors exploring Colorado’s extraordinary mountain terrain with her dogs, volunteering as a bearsitter (which is exactly what it sounds like), and working with university students as the advisor of CU Boulder’s Wildlife Club.
Jennifer Dempsey
Jennifer Dempsey Jenn Dempsey is an advocate for disadvantaged children and their families. With a Ph.D. in social policy from Columbia University’s School of Social work, Jenn has authored a reform plan report for New York City’s child welfare system, and raised tens of millions of dollars for the United Way of New York City’s health and human services initiatives. She discovered Community Fruit Rescue while looking for a way to share the benefit of living on a former apple orchard, and recently joined CFR as a member of the Board.
The Advisory Council

Ethan Welty
Ethan Welty is a research scientist turned urban forager. With technology and big data, he champions the overlooked but abundant food growing in cities, hoping to convince even the most diehard urbanite that cities can be a source of fresh and free food. He is a co-founder of Falling Fruit (fallingfruit.org) – a collaborative global urban foraging map – and co-founded Community Fruit Rescue in 2014, where he serves on the Steering Committee as a technology consultant extraordinaire. All the while balancing his photography career with research on glaciers for a Ph.D. at the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research.
Lindsey Loberg
In addition to serving on Community Fruit Rescue's steering community, Lindsey Loberg is the program director for Boulder Food Rescue, a nonprofit focused on building a more just food system. Lindsey first became involved with food justice work as a high school teacher in their hometown of Milwaukee, WI, facilitating student projects exploring food systems, food access, food waste, and food sovereignty. Their work focuses on community engagement and facilitating democratic, participatory systems of food access. They also sit on Boulder’s Human Relation’s Commission. Lindsey is learning Spanish and likes bicycle adventures.